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4 Reasons to Hire a Digital Marketing Agency

SEO, Interactive Marketing, Web Development, Web Design, Email Marketing, Social Media Strategy, it’s all part of the same end game: creating business awareness. Business awareness is the clear path to new business. Essentially you need a team that understands all of the above and will work with you to develop a cohesive strategy to execute a solid game plan. Digital marketing is rapidly growing nearing $55 billion representing 21 percent of all marketing spend by 2014.

The simple fact is, most small business owners and marketers only have some of the information as it relates to internet marketing. Some may understand SEO (Search Engine Optimization) but not an effective email marketing campaign and vice versa. Some may grasp the need for social media campaign but fall short on effectively running one.

A Digital Marketing Agency is as essential to a business as a Law Firm or an Accounting Firm. However, unlike these two examples, a digital marketing agency directly impacts your bottom line. There is no debate that the activities of such an agency can be quantified and tracked instantaneously.

Evaluate your business and it’s position in the digital space, if you recognize any of the following as something happening with your business then it’s time to bring in a digital marketing team. A good digital marketing agency will be able to facilitate all aspects of your digital needs.

1. The competition’s site looks better & works better

Review your competitors’ website. Check out the site’s functionality, look at its design, study the copy, pay attention to the loading time. Evaluate how your website stacks up. The key with an effective website is not to stand back and allow your site to fall behind the existing technologies of the day. Instead the opposite is required, get ahead of the curve, develop a site that saves you time and money. A website you can manage easily in-house that clearly communicates what you are all about. Your services are easy to find, the company culture is communicated in the design, the functionality improves your efficiencies and customer service.

2. Google, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Digg, Tumblr, Linkedin, Blogger

If none of the above are part of your existing strategy for developing business then it’s time to hire a Digital Marketing Agency. Understanding how, when and where to reach your ideal customer online is as an important part of any marketing plan. Combined, social networking sites have more registered users today than some countries have citizens. This alone should make targeting your consumer base an essential strategy. There are hundreds of social networking sites at your disposal. A blended strategy and balanced mix of these networking sites can help drive traffic, increase customer awareness and increase consumer engagement with your brand. Not engaging in these areas, particularly when your competitors are, is a sure way to reduce your market share.

3. SEO, SEM, PPC, Google, Bing

Search is still the number one activity performed online. Determine if your website is fully optimized. Working with a Digital Marketing Agency can ensure that you are and continue to be. It’s important to have a solid search strategy and to understand the key ingredients that go into getting great search results.

4. Huh?

Not understanding what to do, how to do it or not wanting to do it yourself are all great reasons to hire a Digital Marketing Agency. Many business owners are experts at building great products and services. When it comes to promoting and selling their products and services, they don’t have a clue or an interest or more importantly the time to devote to online marketing.

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Deon Douglas, The Thinking Giant Corp.
207 East 32nd St, 4th Fl
New York, NY 10016

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