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Selling for People Who Don't Like Selling

When my daughter was three, I found her standing in the bathroom when I needed it. I told her she had to leave and after a little resistance, she said “I’ll take two cookies.” I gave her the two cookies, she left to start on her highly successful career in sales.

When you were a kid and you wanted something from your Mom or Dad, you certainly knew how to “sell” them. This is not to say that everyone is born to sell, but pretty close. So, what changed? Why would you be averse to selling?

Here are some commonly held falsehoods:

Good sales people are born, not made.
There is a right way and a wrong way to sell.
Selling involves manipulation.
You need to learn and use the “tricks of the trade” to be good at sales.
Successful salespeople use techniques, like the “Ben Franklin” close.
Selling is hard.

Take some time to answer the following question, and write down the answers, which is more effective than just thinking about it –

How do I feel about selling?
What turns me off about selling?
What are your biggest fears about selling?
What turns you on about selling?
Are you passionate about what you are selling?
Does your customer want what you are selling?
What are you really selling? (i.e. happiness, sex, safety, security, status?

Somewhere along the way, you had a bad experience with selling, or your fears of rejection have taken over. If you retool your mindset about selling, you will lose the fear and distaste for selling.

The first step is to forget everything you have ever heard or felt about selling. Wipe the slate clean and start over. Take these action steps to open your mind to a new view of selling.

Understand that your knowledge and enthusiasm are more important than technique. Everyone has their own unique style of selling. You can develop your own style and you don’t have to fit into any formula. Stay away from trick closings, which are manipulative . The only “close” you ever need to know is: Are you ready to get started?

Perfect your two most important sales skills: listening & observing. Studies show that communication is only 7% words. The rest is body language, tone, facial expression and other cues. Read between the lines and try to figure out what is really going on with your prospect.

Ask questions. The person who asks questions is in control of the conversation, not to mention the person who is gathering important information. Never start with talking about yourself, your company or your offer. Nobody cares. They care about what you can do for them.

Relax…a sale is not a one-step process. Beware, appearing “hungry for the sale” is toxic. If you try to rush the sale or push too hard, you’re going to lose and never be invited back.

Brand yourself and clients will chase after you. Become known as an expert in your field, rather than peddling a product or service.

Remember, people trust people they like and selling is all about trust. You’re a likeable person aren’t you? People buy with their eyes. They hear what they see. So, look and sound like the likeable person you are. Never sell to someone who is inherently distrustful. Never sell to someone you do not like. Leave that to people who love selling.

Start treating your prospect as if they are already a client. This is really easy and prospects notice it. Give a little to get big in return.

Nurture and protect your confidence at all times. Selling takes confidence and optimism. Hang out with people who encourage you and build your confidence, and you will find yourself actually enjoying selling.

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About the Author

Victoria Garcia, Marketing Impressions
3604 Fourth Ave #5
San Diego, CA 92103

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