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Automated Article Writing and Submission Software--Web Editor's View

As the on-line article directory editor, have some things to say about automated article writing software as well as automated article submitting software. Oh, yes... I am sure many of you are thinking it is the way to go for marketing your articles submissions for business or products you wish to promote. Somewhat, you are right... if you are monitoring what your sending out closely and with forethought. As a web editor, this software can be our worst nightmare!

Automated article submitting software can benefit you, as some of them actually do work well. To an on-line editor this software is the software from hell! The reason being is that it bombards our article databases with multiple duplicates that can only be rejected. This in turn waste lots of editing time... and makes this editor sigh and roll the eyes toward the skies searching for relief.

As an editor, am here to beg you PLEASE do not waste your money on automated article writing software if you wish to be a good writer, as the grammar is NEVER correct and always is rejected by me upon submission. Which in turn wastes your time and mine. If you already have this type of software and are using it... then you are getting many rejections most likely. If you are not getting rejections it is because you are using the software correctly by editing and correcting it yourself. Good for you.

As an example, automated article writing software does things like the following title because it does not know the difference in similar words meanings or synonyms. Received an article one day last week that was about irritable bowel problems--"Irritable Bowel Tools and Repair," the title read.

Now, the fact that the title was capitalized was a plus in my book. However the automated software also submitted this article to the category of 'automotive repair'. What a laugh I had! Router anyone? Okay, still laughing. The point is that the automated article writing software does not know the difference between the 'care/repair/help' of a human to be different than that of an automobile. And it may use any of these in place of the grammatically correct choices.

Another problem that is apparent with this automated writing software is that many words though spelled correctly are often left without spaces between. Your automated writing software can be useful--but not without your input and critiquing.

So, if you do use this type of automated article writing software, you must still critique it and run a USA spell checker please. If you do not, when it gets to the editors and we see the grammar errors, it is immediately rejected as being substandard work. If you ignore your article rejection notices emailed to you and continue submitting substandard work, you run the risk of having your account banned and/or deleted by the editor.

In summary if you feel you must use this type of automated writing and/or submission software, use it as a tool to work 'with', not 'in place of' your efforts. Being an editing professional, I'd prefer you not use it at all to build the best writer reputation you can possibly have.

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About the Author

Allison Cochran, Bytepowered Articles Directory
1210 Serena Drive
Coshocton, OH 43812

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